PRICE (Addition)

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Voice-over is a field with thousands of opportunities ranging from commercial voice-over work to documentaries and everything in between. Recording and editing a voice-over may be tricky at times, but its complexities are minimal compared to the sometimes difficult process of setting voice-over rates. These project rates are determined by a variety of factors, including the type of voice-over, how it is being used, the size of the intended audience, the length of the recording, and the experience level of the voice actor. 

Re-do Policy:  If there are changes or additions to the original script after the recording, the customer is expected to pay the regular rate for the redo. If a redo is determined to be necessary due to mis-pronunciation or mistakes on Pavel’s part, naturally, that’s a no-charge redo.

Minor Pick Ups – Under 10 mins charged at a small percentage of the original session fee – 5%-10%. 
Major Pick Ups – Re-writes & Large Re-Records Can charge 50% of the original price. This can also be 50% of a full hourly rate

All prices here should be used as a reference provided by The GVAA Rate Guide.  I deal with each project individually.